Chances are your rainmaker sales manager, who in the 90’s delivered double digit YOY growth for 10 years will not be successful using the same tactics today. Today people who can interpret and deliever on, data, digital, insights, loyalty, and solutions offer more value then knowing Bob from procurement really well and hitting golf balls with him every Sunday. From Category Analysts, to Digital Marketers, to a modern day CFO, everyone must buy into the new age of selling.Our duty is to know you, our customer, and identify the desired outcomes, competencies and behavioural fit you are looking for and then guide to you the best possible hire who can deliver those outcomes.

Our Difference:  Industry knowledge, demographics, and process. We are a team of Gen X ers and Gen Y ers, our peers are becoming the next CPG leaders replacing the baby boomers in a changing of the guard over the next 10-15 years. The war for talent is on and we are navigating it on the front lines. We stick to what we know – and we know headhunting in the CPG industry.

CPG Exec puts quality before quantity. We are diligent with background checks and verifying past performance. We invest the time to get to know our candidates and clients to accurately assess a fit within the workplace.

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Invaluable = extremely useful; indispensable. At CPG Exec, we deliver value through connecting invaluable candidates and clients.

Some people think recruiting is sending in resumes that seem to match keywords on a job description. Good luck. We use a 6 step process that looks beyond qualifications and experience to ensure each candidate’s suitability and fit within the workplace. For retained and senior management to executive level searches we take it one step further and combine psychometric testing with interviewing techniques.