CPG Executive Search is a boutique recruitment firm built by Ed and Justin Pintwala.

When hard work and dedication is involved, a happily ever after follows.

The Pintwala (aka Pinty) brothers grew up around a family food processing business, it’s in their blood. Taste-testing chicken products from their family business was a favourite memory, but they also learned about quality and value from a very young age. Ed and Justin saw first hand that with the right dream, a clear goal, the right people and hard work, great things can happen. They also experienced the common challenges, trials and tribulations that many growing businesses face, and that entrepreneurs operate very differently from corporate executives.

Decades later, these principles still serve as the foundation upon which CPG Exec was founded.

The entire team at CPG Exec are passionate about helping people, understanding and delivering value to the food and CPG industry, and striving for personal and professional success! This is what drives us to do what we do everyday. We’re genuinely invested in connecting candidates to opportunities that allow them to do meaningful work in companies they believe in. CPG Exec’s commitment to elevating the CPG industry through outstanding recruitment shows up in every phone call, meeting and interview.

Integrity, knowledge, and a passion for the industry is what makes CPG Exec a leader in its field.

Core Principle

Seek the Truth:

Reputation really is everything. We value honesty and transparency over ‘making a placement’. We speak with countless people within the industry and give them our honest take about different opportunities and companies. We seek to understand what people have done, what their strengths are and where they can make the most impact in the industry.

Core Principle

Sell the Story:

No business is perfect, but they all have something to offer. We invest time and energy into fully understanding the companies we work with. This allows us to source candidates who have the right attitude and aptitude to excel in the workplace. We sell our candidates’ and clients’ real stories, which means long-term, mutually beneficial professional relationships.